As a creator of clothing for women and children, I have long been a supporter of two fabulous charities that support these groups.


KIVA.ORG "makes 0% interest loans for 100% social good."


The way it works is, that you make a loan of $25.00 to

support an entrepreneur's dreams.  


You can make a loan to empower their business and livelihood...send their children to school in Columbia, buy an extra cow for their milk business in Kenya, supply cloth and thread for a clothing business in Rwanda or help supply a rural food store in Kyrgyzstan.


As the client pays back the loan, you can loan out the same $25.00 again!  It's amazing how much good we can do when we reach out and help people to help themselves.












CHILDFUND.ORG is a children's charity that believes that "The well-being of all children leads to the well-being of the world."


A child's first five years are the key to the rest of their lives — it's when the foundation for future development is set. That's why ChildFund works to strengthen families and communities to meet children's needs right from the beginning and throughout their lives: education, health, nutrition, safety, employability and more.


Through real stories about children's lives all over the world, Childfund encourages you to sponsor a child or make a donation to help save our future.


With a donation of as little as $28/month, Childfund will introduce you to a child who needs your protection.  You will be able to write to your child and receive amazing letters of love and gratitude in return.