Bike Riding in New Jersey

My husband, Michael and I often go bike riding along the Columbia Trail. About fifteen miles long, the smooth track runs along parts of the south branch of the Raritan River, cris-crossing back and forth in shady woodlands and open meadows, displaying a part of New Jersey that often goes unnoticed.

Lovely old homes from a forgotten time spread out lazily beside the path; half built stone walls from long-forgotten mills hang perilously close to toppling into the sun-lit pools of water where dragonflies and water bugs dance.

On our first trip along the trail, many years ago, about half-way from our starting point in Long Valley, we biked across a country road and discovered a field of ragweed and loosestrife growing in wild profusion around a dozen or more vintage vehicles.

It was as if time stood still. There, toward the back, was the milk truck that brought the milkman to our back door...toward the front, the old roadster like the one my mother cherished in our youth. And over in the corner was an old MG, blue, with cracked leather seats and "four-on-the floor."

My mind tends to wander when we bike along that trail. The rhythm of the peddling, the soft air on our faces, the ocassional smiles and nods of passersby, all lull me gently into that other era....

I was riding down the path a few weeks ago, and I came up with the idea of sharing some of this fantasy world with my customers.

Diane, who works for me, agreed to be my model for a photo shoot and we traipsed off to my meadow.

It was a beautiful day, slightly overcast, which is great to get the best shots (no shadows!) and warm as toast.

Here are some of the results.....

I hope you enjoy the photos of this very special place. You can see the rest on the Women's Gauze Page!

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