Vintage Fresh As Paint/The Fabric of Our Lives...

Several years ago, a young woman walked into my booth with her mom. "This is the one!" she exclaimed, walking over to a soft yellow romper with bees painted on the bodice and full blousy bottom. Smiling, the mother picked out a size 3 months, holding it over her daughter's very pregnant tummy.

When they made the purchase and chatted with me for a bit, they shared that the mom-to-be had the exact same design on a dress they had bought for her when she was only 5 years old!

Now, although I come up with new colors and designs every year, there are some designs I can never quite let go of...and the bees are one of those.

"I never got rid of that dress," admitted the mother. "I'm hoping that my new granddaughter will wear it, too!"

Echos of comments like these make my heart swell.

A few weeks ago, at a show in New Paltz, New York, a woman walked into my booth and stood there for a moment, transfixed.

"Looking at your booth is like looking at my daughter's photo album...these little dresses and rompers are the fabric of our lives!"


Take the example of little Hannah Marion.

A friend of her mom's had been shopping with me for several years, buying outfits for that special child in her life. Every now and then, I would get a photo of Hannah in a Fresh As Paint outfit, and one day, Hannah's mom sent the latest pictures with the following note:

"My friend has purchased clothing from you for my daughter for the past 4 years. She buys dresses from you when you come to the Expo center in Virginia. I love your work and enjoy dressing my daughter in the personalized clothes. I have attached pictures of my daughter, Hannah, who is now 4 years old , wearing your dresses. As you can see, she enjoys the dresses too!"

Who is the special little one in your life?

If you have photos to share, please send them in!

Meanwhile, here are some trips down memory lane for those of you who have purchased my children's clothing and have seen your children and grandchildren wear them and pass them down to the next child.

Sage and Shiloh ~

Sydney, Madison, and Mia ~

Danielle ~

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